The Brake

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  Dolly and Nick Kary


Roses over the shoulder of an arching spruce, great sentinels of towering beech trees, a glimpse of pink to the sea beyond. This is our first memory of this small piece of land that we call home. The Brake is a plot of 2/3 of an acre on which we have built our house, cabin, studio, bakehouse and workshop. It overlooks fields to the backdrop of the sea at Start Bay. It is the home to our family of 5, our place of work and the creative centre from which we run the Earthdrawn and Creative Being Workshops.

It is to this plot of land that we invite you to join us in playing with the very material that surrounds us. We have sought to fashion an active environment where family life, work and visitors all blend into a purposeful and enriching mix, and where craft, in woodwork, cooking, writing, art, and gardening are part of the everyday.

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  The Bakehouse and Well

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