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Creative Being came out of an understanding that to find the time and energy to be creative within the rhythm of family life is a challenge. To play, to let go, to embrace uncertainty; all these children do naturally. This is what Creative Being is all about. Over the course of time an adult life is all too often stifled by responsibility and routine, and our intrinsic expression of creativity is buried deep within. The Studio is the cauldron in which participants freely explore their imagination while playing with paper and pigment, water and word, earth and element. All this is done with music and laughter, and a community of kindred spirits where judgement of self or others has no place. Through these processes we will see that we have the means by which to embody and express our own nature, both collectively and individually. Through playing with natural substances drawn from the earth it is possible to transcend limiting beliefs that might hinder the creative process. It is this dance of heart and hand that allows us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves.

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