Slow, small and simple.

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At the heart of every EarthDrawn course is the invitation to slow down, to appreciate what is small and return to simplicity. The slow, small steps it takes to live a simple life are not only sustaining and empowering but also provide infinite possibilities to develop our creative energy.

Through time spent kneading and baking in the bread oven, mixing natural pigments with water drawn from the well, harvesting timber, splitting and cleaving it to understand itís properties, you will slowly unravel a deep and profound connection between yourselves as makers and the natural world. Through stories, pigments, wood and food we will seek to explore and enlarge the relationship between our hands, nature, materials and each other.

On an Earthdrawn weekend course you will spend time cooking in the earth oven, learning how to bake sour dough bread, while we weave stories of building our cob oven, creating sourdough leavens, and exploring our relationships with food and cooking. We will grind natural pigments, learning where to gather them and how to blend them into paint. Dolly will guide you through the joyful and fluid process of her Creative Being experience, where you are encouraged to let go of judgement and just have lots of fun. Nick will then take you into the workshop, where formlessness will gain form, where sharp tools and resistant wood will guide you into a relationship between tools and materials, between intention and outcome. You will leave the weekend with a deepening of your creative process, a big smile, new friends, a loaf of bread, and a colourful expression of yourself on paper and in wood.

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