About Dolly

My own personal work lies in the realms of being overtly conscious and present to the unknown always alert and open to the moment as it unravels before me. I work with a variety of mixed media on various surfaces as they present themselves to me. I journey into mark making in a way that evokes an inner-dialogue with each mark, colour and layer. I respond to the marks intuitively and yet have no sense of which direction the piece is headed until it is complete. I use tools and methods that maximise and emphasis the fluid flow of the marks and colours as they appear. While I am creating so is the process itself creating me. Over time and commitment I have learnt to trust the process. I do not regard any media beyond my horizon of exploration. Clay and the written word play a significant part in how I journey towards my horizon and enable a different expression I find exciting and revealing. The face and the stories behind the eyes of all people endlessly fascinate me. My portraits seek to translate what I sense in the sitter as I listen with my paintbrush and render them tangible on the canvas.

I consider the way in which I relate to life and all her gifts as the ground from which I grow. Having lived in many parts of the world since early childhood I have now settled in Devon with my husband Nick and our three children. From our home and creative environment, I manifest my dream to develop a place where people from all walks of life meet through a shared desire to free their creative spirits. I have a passion for facilitating and promoting the opportunity for others to explore their own creativity. With a strong belief in the healing powers of art, I run the Creative Being and EarthDrawn workshops as a space for others to embark on their own creative journey and reconnection with their hands.

EarthDrawn Creative Workshops

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