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“I have never thought of myself as particularly creative or artistic and had a real fear of putting paint on paper. Dolly’s sensitive guided approach led me to a place where I found myself totally absorbed in the creative process. Dolly has inspired me to continue to find my creative being.”

Tina Roberts

“I was amazed - delighted with what we all achieved in such a small amount of time and how much fun and laughter we all shared. There was a general feeling that we all had a deeply felt need to express ourselves creatively, that was not being met, and this weekend allowed this need an outlet. I've rarely had so much fun. Thank you so much for that, Dolly.”

Buff Skilman

“It was a revelation to witness what emerged and I was constantly delighted. Dolly has such a joyful authority in the facilitation of the process. After the workshop I felt so energized and clear. My creative child really came out to play with no fear of judgment. I had such fun.”

Emma Brown

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