Things to do

There is so much to do just at The Brake. If you are interested in joining in on any of the EarthDrawn or Creative Being workshops running during your stay then please click here for more information. You may be staying here during one of our seasonal Bake and Make days in which case, if you would like to join us, you will most likely be meeting folk from the surrounding area with an equal interest and passion for the homemade. Please click here for more information.

If you would like us to organise a bespoke time for you and/or your family in either The Studio, The Workshop and/or The Bakehouse please contact us and we will see what we can do for you. Our Sauna is likewise available to our guests and adjoins the Bakehouse

We always welcome help in the garden, chopping wood or feeding the hens. Our baking day is every second Tuesday when you are welcome to join in while we lace our other work as artist, maker and writer into the rhythm of each bake.

During the summer holidays we invite everyone who is staying at The Brake to gather around the cob oven on Tuesday evenings to feast on delicious homemade pizzas. You will be our guest, as we will provide everything needed, though feel free to bring a bottle! We have found that people have really appreciated the relaxed surroundings and unusual opportunity to meet different families who happen to be holidaying at the same time as you. The kids seem to love rolling out their own pizza, choose from a variety of toppings and watch the marvel of fire crisp up probably the best pizza they will ever have….and sometimes end up with a new friend or two.

EarthDrawn Creative Workshops

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